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Homeschool Students

As you prepare for the transition from homeschooler to college student, there are many options for your education. ӰAV College is a great choice because we are committed to continuing the Christ-centered and community-based education you currently enjoy! Oh, not to mention, you can jump-start your college experience by taking online dual enrollment courses through ӰAV College’s program for high school students, saving you time and money. We are here to serve you, answer your questions, and simplify your admissions process.

Homeschool College students find out what you need to know to transition from Homeschoolers to College at a Christian College.

Why choose ӰAV as a Homeschool College Student?

Interested in College after Homeschool? ӰAV College, a Christian College, is making applying and going from homeschool to college simple.

Hear What Homeschool Parents Are Saying

“We were impressed by the community, liked the idea of eight-week courses, and were confident that our daughter would be taught from a Biblical perspective.”
-Daniel and Christine Conrades

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Sending your student off to college is a big step - we want to help college parents to make the transition to ӰAV College easier.

"As parents, we are grateful for the intentional integration of Christianity with higher learning at ӰAV, and we love that the faculty know our kids by name. It's the family atmosphere that makes all the difference."
-Brian and Christi Brown, parents to five Lancers

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Hear What Homeschool Students Are Saying

"For my freshman year of college I attended a secular school as a student athlete. It was a huge breath of fresh air when I transferred to ӰAV College to focus on my faith and academics. I knew from the first day that I could call ӰAV home because of how welcoming the people were, and how open and passionate they were about their their faith. The teaching and culture at ӰAV blend seamlessly with my Christian homeschool background, and my faith has matured immensely because of my time here."

Homeschool Resources

Applying to college as a homeschooler? ӰAV College walks through what you need to know about colleges for homeschoolers. Learn more & apply!

Applying to College as a Homeschooler

Your transition from homeschool to college can be smooth and simple. Click here for insight on standardized tests, transcripts, and precollege opportunities.

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Exploring Dual Enrollment Options

Dual enrollment allows you to take college classes and earn college credits while in high school -- an ideal option for those with the flexibility of learning from home!

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Grasping Undergraduate Admissions

What's my next step in the admissions process, and how do I get admitted? We have the answers for you here!

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Enjoying the Christian College Experience

Learn about our Christian college, and our President, Dr. Drew Flamm, who has a deep love for ӰAV College & Seminary and unwavering confidence that God will continue using this institution to help students better know Christ and make Him known.

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Get involved in campus clubs at ӰAV College. One of our youth ministry alumni shares how it impacted his life and others. Learn more!

Embracing Campus Clubs and Student Involvement

There are endless ways to get involved at ӰAV! Student Involvement exists to enhance campus life through exceptional programs that encourage experiential learning, unify our campus family, and honor Christ through service.

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Homeschool College FAQs