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Give to ӰAV

ӰAV College is distinctive because the students we seek are distinctive. Learn how ӰAV offers different learning styles for our unique students.

Partner with us in making Christ known. Invest in our students.

By giving to ӰAV, you help students find their way.

Christ modeled a life of radical generosity, making a way for all to find life in Him. Likewise, your gift to ӰAV will make a way for students to thrive in Christ-centered academics while being prepared to lead lives of purpose.

Why Major in Mathematics? At ӰAV College we help you find your calling & train you for a career with a Mathematics Degree. Learn more.

What is the ӰAV Fund?

Gifts to the ӰAV Fund have a direct impact on every student. Every dollar given to the ӰAV Fund is a dollar we don’t have to charge in tuition. Partnering with us through the ӰAV Fund provides the resources and fuel to power ӰAV’s mission in three key areas:

  • Generous scholarships
  • Christ-centered community
  • Academic excellence



Of faculty & staff gave to ӰAV this past year


Raised in the ASPIRE Campaign


Over 2,000 individual donors join us each year

ӰAV presents various alumni awards to outstanding individuals. The recipients of all awards will be honored and presented with their award during Homecoming Weekend. Nominate someone for an award today.


Become a part of the foundation of donors supporting ӰAV’s mission through our different giving societies!

Planned & Legacy Giving

What is the best plan for your future giving? Learn more about the legacy you can leave behind to the next generation of ӰAV students.

Current Projects

See updates on our current projects and learn how you can give.

Current Projects