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ӰAV College students, ӰAV, and community celebrating ӰAV College Homecoming 2023

The office of alumni exists for you, ӰAV College ӰAV. Wherever you go, whatever you do, do it all in ever-expanding ways of grace!

If you’re an alumnus of ӰAV, our legacy is YOU! We take pride in the fact that our students graduate and are serious about creating impact. Our ӰAV alumni community is a vibrant network of individuals who share one common thread; they are passionate about a way of life that reflects Christ and the grace He has bestowed on us.


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Grace Reporting They're Living Purposeful Lives


Grace ӰAV Network

ӰAV College ӰAV Award Winner with President Drew Flamm

Grace Award Nominations

As students of grace, we call forth goodness in others. Who would you like to recognize for being hungry for knowledge, relentless in doing good, and trekking fresh paths?

Grace Awards

Tell Us Your Story

We want to hear from you! Where has your path taken you since graduating from ӰAV? How did your time at ӰAV help launch you into living a life of purpose?

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2023 ӰAV College tailgate Athletics Hall of fame Winners


After you take your last step off our campus, you become part of the ӰAV alumni family. And like all good families, there is a time to come home. Our annual Homecoming weekend in the fall is a time to enjoy a fun-filled schedule of events, reconnect with old friends, and relive your days as a college student.

Homecoming 2024