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IRS Form 1098-T

Explanation of Form 1098-T

The IRS requires ӰAV College to provide students with a tuition statement called Form 1098-T. This information is provided to assist taxpayers in determining eligibility for claiming education tax credits or deductions. It shows the amount paid for qualified tuition and related expenses as well as the amount of scholarships received during a tax year.

Non-qualified charges such as housing, meal plans, insurance, late fees, fines, etc. are not included in the 1098-T.

According to IRS Publication 970, “the amount on form 1098-T might be different from the amount you actually paid and are deemed to have paid.” Due to the timing of charges and payments, some items may post in a different calendar year. Please consult your tax preparer for assistance.


How to access Form 1098-T

ECSI mails paper copies to students, unless a student opts in to receive the form electronically.

Students can access the 1098-T statement online by visiting

Please make sure that your address and social security number are correct.

If you already have an account with ECSI from a previous year, you can log in with that account.

If you do not have an account, click on the Register button to create your profile. Then connect your tax account by entering your Heartland Key.

For further instructions on accessing Form 1098-T through the ECSI website, see this page:


Additional Resources

Grace College only provides the 1098-T form. We cannot discuss tax implications or give tax advice.  Please consult your tax preparer with all questions related to this document.

The following links may provide additional information for understanding Form 1098-T.