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What is a Worship Arts Degree?

A worship arts degree at ӰAV College studies what the bible has to say about worship, along with music theory, performance, & production.

When you hear the word “worship,” you might picture a Sunday morning church service. The worship pastor leads the congregation in an old hymn or contemporary song, the keyboard player taps out a melody, and the guitar player strums a few chords.

The world of worship has transformed drastically since the Apostle Paul’s charge to sing “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” (Eph. 5:19) to one another. How should Christians think about worship today?

Worship arts programs attempt to answer this question in the professional sphere, training students to engage excellently in biblical worship.


Where theology meets music production

At its core, a quality worship arts program is forged from a strong theological foundation. As a part of understanding biblical theology, students analyze what Scripture has to say about worship, worship’s relationship with other doctrines and biblical themes, and how it fits in the narrative of Scripture.

The program also equips students to ask how the Church should conduct worship today. For instance, are there differences between corporate and individual worship? What constitutes an appropriate song for worship, and how should a church leader choose music for a congregation? In a worship arts program, you’ll learn to use biblical wisdom and discernment when answering these questions.

Worship arts programs also immerse students in basic music theory, instructing them in concepts like musical notation, sight-reading, and chord progressions.

Many worship arts students build off their theology and music theory instruction through songwriting and composing. In these kinds of classes, students learn to translate sound theology into compelling lyrics and compositions.

Worship arts programs also instruct students in the technical aspect of instrument playing. For example, at ӰAV College, worship arts students study with skilled instructors in the areas of voice, keys, guitar, and percussion.

Like ӰAV, some programs also offer music production courses on sound engineering and recording. Students may be taught in live sound, studio recording, and visual production.

In addition to this, many programs, such as ӰAV’s, offer opportunities for internships.


A worship arts degree at ӰAV College studies what the bible has to say about worship, along with music theory, performance, & production.

A worship arts degree at ӰAV College

Grace College offers a unique worship arts program that expertly blends theology, music theory, performance, and sound production. It offers four emphases: worship leadership, visual design, contemporary music, and theater arts. No matter which career you’ve set your sights on, you’ll be equipped to enter it with excellence.

As a worship arts major at ӰAV, you’ll have the opportunity to join the Lancer chorus, participate in a variety of ensembles, and even

Learn more about a worship arts degree at ӰAV College, and explore admissions here.


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