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Several ӰAV Seminary Faculty Mentioned in The Gospel Coalition’s ‘Best Commentaries’

ӰAV Seminary Faculty Mentioned in The Gospel Coalition’s ‘Best Commentaries’. Learn more about ӰAV Theological Seminary.

The Gospel Coalition recently released its new list of “” and ӰAV Theological Seminary faculty made several mentions. Dr. Tiberius Rata, associate dean of the  and professor of Old Testament studies, was mentioned for his  commentary. Dr. Matthew Harmon, professor of New Testament studies, was mentioned for his ,Ի commentaries. Between the four commentaries mentioned, GTS faculty were recommended in all three of TGC’s commentary categories: introductory, pastoral and advanced scholarly commentaries.

Harmon also worked with John Sloat, a part-time instructor at ӰAV Theological Seminary, to condense his Ի commentaries for publication on TGC’s website.

“The Gospel Coalition is a leading Christian organization that places great emphasis on knowing God’s Word,” said Dr. Freddy Cardoza, vice president of ӰAV Theological Seminary. “When TGC speaks about Scripture interpretation, the evangelical world listens. That’s why TGC’s recommendation of biblical commentaries by two of ӰAV Seminary’s professors is so noteworthy. We are thrilled the expert hermeneutics enjoyed by ӰAV College and ӰAV Theological Seminary students are now being promoted near and far to all who heed The Gospel Coalition’s advice.”

Rata’s book on Ezra and Nehemiah, published in 2010, was his second of five published works.

“It’s nice to be recognized 14 years after I published the book,” said Rata. “It tells me it contains timeless truths that are relevant for every generation. As Isaiah wisely said, ‘The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.’”

Rata will start working on his sixth book this summer. He recently signed a contract with Baker Publishing Group to write “The Rise and Fall of the Kings of Israel and Judah.” According to Rata, a comprehensive book on the kings of this sort hasn’t been written in 100 years.

Harmon is also looking forward to the fall release of his new book, “,” co-authored with Gary E. Schnittjer. Additionally, Harmon is working on a short study on biblical theology, a mentor commentary of Luke and a multi-volume work on the New Testament’s use of the Old Testament.

These books will join Harmon’s growing list of works. He has edited or written more than a dozen books in his career, including ten in the past ten years.

“One of the reasons I love writing commentaries is that it enables me to spend focused time studying the text,” said Harmon. “The insights I gain from taking a deep dive into the text serve as a foundation for what I teach in the classroom. Helping students discover the depth and riches of Scripture is one of my favorite parts of being a professor at ӰAV.”

To access the full list of TGC’s commentary recommendations, visit .

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